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GBWhatsapp APK Download V9.30 latest version July 2022

If you want to Download GB Whatsapp APK V9.30 latest version July 2022, then you have come to the right place
GBWhatsapp APK Download V9.30 latest version July 2022

If you want to Download GB Whatsapp APK V9.30 latest version July 2022, then you have come to the right place, there is no need to get confused by visiting any website, from here you can download GB Whatsapp directly. Yes, maybe you have come to update your GB WhatsApp or you have heard about this money pad WhatsApp from a friend, so you have come here to download.

I would like to tell you one thing that this WhatsApp is really amazing, Agra once you run it, you will never like to run normal WhatsApp, in a way it is the hammer of WhatsApp Thor. So let us tell you about some of the features of this amazing WhatsApp.

By the way, where have you heard about this WhatsApp, definitely tell us in the comment box because you must have heard from someone or the other only then you have come here to download. If you have come to download Latest Version GB Whatsapp APK, then you can download GB Whatsapp by clicking on the button given below.

Let us tell you about this WhatsApp in detail so that you can understand what is GBWhatsApp?

What is GBWhatsapp APK?

GBWhatsApp is a type of WhatsApp similar to Normal WhatsApp, in which some features and options are available. That's why people like GB WhatsApp more. Before you can install this application in your mobile, you will have to download the official website because you will not get to see this app in play store.

It is not that this WhatsApp is illegal, but due to the privacy policy of WhatsApp, all apps like it will be called its copy and they will be banned, hence Google does not allow the modified WhatsApp application created by third party developers to remain in the Play Store.

There is no significant difference between GB WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp, but if we talk about the features, then there is a difference of ground and sky between these two WhatsApp.

In GB WhatsApp, you will get to see some advanced features and privacy settings and these features are updated regularly. New WhatsApp has become popular due to great themes and privacy features.

You will know this then the answer will be fully discovered by GB WhatsApp. You will not know everything in a day or two, but after a few months you will understand how powerful this WhatsApp is, after that you will never feel like using the original WhatsApp. So you must have understood that GB WhatsApp is the name of which gold bird.

Even if you want to run two WhatsApp in one phone, then this will be a great option for you. You will be able to run this WhatsApp along with the original WhatsApp in the same smart phone. And if you want to run GB WhatsApp on two numbers and you have a phone of Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Xioami, Redmi, then you can clone GB WhatsApp through App Clone or Dual App Feature and run WhatsApp on two numbers.

Note:There are multiple packages available.Make sure to read the differences between them, and make sure to download the same package on your phone (if you have one).

This version only supports Only Android 5.1+. Android KitKat (4.4.4) and lower are not supported! Kindly find the download links below.

Fouad WA

Package: com.whatsapp
• Replace to Stock app
Does not Support in Galaxy S & Note Series

App Name Fouad WA
Size 50M
Version v9.30
Require OS Android V5 and up
Last Updated 20 July 2022



Package: com.fmwhatsapp
Use for 2nd Number
WillSupport in Galaxy S & Note Series

App Name FMWhatsapp
Size 50M
Version v9.30
Require OS Android V4 and up
Last Updated 20 July 2022



Package: com.gbwhatsapp
Use for 2nd Number
WillSupport in Galaxy S & Note Series

App Name GBWhatsapp
Size 50M
Version v9.30
Require OS Android V4 and up
Last Updated 20 July 2022



Package: com.yowhatsapp
Use for 2nd Number
WillSupport in Galaxy S & Note Series

App Name YOWhatsapp
Size 50M
Version v9.30
Require OS Android V4 and up
Last Updated 20 July 2022


Why GBWhatsapp?

There are some advantages of using GB WhatsApp which you do not get to see in the original WhatsApp. There are some reasons why you should use GB WhatsApp.

You can use Dual WhatsApp

If you want to run two WhatsApp in one smart phone then GB WhatsApp is a great option. You can run primary WhatsApp on one number and use GB WhatsApp on another number by installing it. If you want to run GB WhatsApp on both the numbers, then you can also run them.

You'll get Privacy Features

Apart from running two WhatsApp, it has another advantage. In this WhatsApp you will get some privacy features which you do not get on Region WhatsApp when the feature will take your WhatsApp user experience to the top level.

Safe and Secure WhatsApp

After listening to this much, you must be feeling that this application is SAFE, so we are telling you that whatever is posted on our website, a lot of material is absolutely safe and secure.

Features of GBWhatsapp latest version

There are many features to be seen in GB WhatsApp, but we tell you in detail about some of the more interesting features.


GBWhatsapp APK Download V9.30 latest version July 2022

In Original WhatsApp you cannot change the look and design of WhatsApp but in GB WhatsApp you can change the theme and design of WhatsApp and give a new refreshed look to WhatsApp. In GBThemes, you will get to see hundreds of unique themes, after applying which your WhatsApp will look amazing. If you want to design by yourself, then you can change the design of WhatsApp by changing the color according to you and I personally liked this feature very much. Apart from this, you can also edit and design the blue tick message bubble in this WhatsApp.

Emoji Variant

GBWhatsapp APK Download

You will get this WhatsApp with emoji variant. Unlike normal WhatsApp, you will get to see lots of emoji in this. You will be able to direct the use of these emoji during chatting with the contact. WhatsApp available on our website comes with emoji variant so you will not need to download emoji variant separately.

Send Long Files and Videos

Send Long Files and Videos on GBWHATSAPP

In normal WhatsApp, you are not able to send long files, contacts or keep long video statuses. But in GB WhatsApp you can put large files and video status longer than 30 seconds. You can upload videos up to 700 MB on GB WhatsApp. But the feature of applying video status more than 30 seconds is quite amazing, you will definitely try it once.

Default Lock and Chat Hide

Default Lock and Chat Hide in GBWhatsapp Download

To secure WhatsApp chat in GBWhatsApp, you will not need to install any third party app lock. In this you get the default lock. Whenever you open WhatsApp, you get the option to unlock WhatsApp with fingerprint pattern and face lock. On this WhatsApp, you can also hide the chat, if you want to keep the chat made with a contact hidden in this way, then you can also do it in this WhatsApp which is quite an amazing feature. You will find hidden chats in the hidden chats section.

Freeze Last Seen

Freeze Last Seen in GBWhatsapp apk Download

This is a master piece feature. If you are online on WhatsApp but do not want to show anyone online, then turn on Freeze Last Seen and just now no one will see that you are online, isn't it an amazing feature? That's why people like GBWhatsApp mod so much.

Privacy Features

Privacy Features of GB Whatsapp

You get different types of privacy features in GBWhatsApp. Freeze Last Seen, Blue Tick After Reply, Hide Status View, Hide Second Tick and many more which you will never get to see in original WhatsApp. These features are not available in all mods of WhatsApp.

Multiple Whatsapp

Download Multiple GBWhatsapp Latest

If you want to run more than 1 WhatsApp in one phone then you can install GBWhatsApp. In the download section, you will get options for downloading, if you download the second number WhatsApp, then you can run Two GBWhatsApp in your phone. That is, if you have also installed the original WhatsApp, then in this case you can run three WhatsApp in the device.

Use Without Root

Use GBWhatsapp Without Root

Most mods apk run in rooted android mobile only, but you can run GB WhatsApp without rooting android. WhatsApp will start smoothly in any Android device. You can download WhatsApp from the download link given above.

Anti Ban

GBWhatsapp APK Anti Ban Download

The new version of GB WhatsApp comes with Anti-Ban Feature. That is, this WhatsApp will never be banned. Most of the mod apk stops after some time or some features get disabled but nothing like this will happen in GBWhatsapp. There is no privacy issue in this WhatsApp, so you can use it.

Quick Features of GBWhatsapp

  • Send high quality images upto 50MB.
  • Aeroplane Mode
  • Hidden Chat Mode
  • Universal Page, Chat Page, Home Page Theme Change
  • Change Font for Whatsapp Chat
  • Theme can be change from theme store
  • Send upto 90 images to contacts at ones. 
  • You can put Status upto 30 minutes
  • Emoji Varient with Thousands of Interesting Emojis.
  • Hide View Status (View Other's Status without knowing him/her)
  • Anti Delete Message
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Download Status of Others
  • Show Blue Tick After Reply
  • And Many More... 

How to use GBWhatsapp and How it's Works

We will show you how to use GB WhatsApp for chat conversation status call and customization. Using which WhatsApp you can modify things like privacy option contact visibility.

First of all you have to download GB WhatsApp application, open it and register with mobile number. Your WhatsApp will start as soon as the verification code is received. There are three tabs for the user interface in WhatsApp. We tell you about these Tabs in Brief.


This is the section where you have conversations with people. Whenever you want to message your contact, you can do so through this tab section. All the people you talk to, the list of all the conversations will be shown in this tab. Whenever you want to talk to a new contact, then by clicking on the + icon given below, you can start a conversation with the new contact.

GBWhatsapp apk Chat List

Simply click on any contact with which you want to start a conversation and a chat box will open in front of you. Now you can type whatever you want to send the message in the above text bubble, after typing it, you have to click on the send button given nearby.

GBWhatsapp APK
In this you can send Image, GIF, Document File, Video File to the contact. According to the new update of WhatsApp, you can also use WhatsApp stickers. So in this way you can start conversation in GB WhatsApp.


Most of the people use the status feature of WhatsApp, the second tab is available in WhatsApp. Here you can update photos, videos and text status and tell your contacts about your status. It is very simple, in this you can update video images and text files.

GBWhatsapp Status Tab
But remember that any status will remain for only 24 hours, after that it will be disappeared automatically.


In this section you can make video calls and voice calls. Whenever you want to make a video or voice call to a contact, you can do it by coming to this tab. Apart from this, if you want to make a video or any voice call even during chatting, then you will see the call icon near the contact in the conversation box, by clicking on it you can call directly.
GBWhatsapp Video Calls

With the new update, you can now chat with more than one person on a video call. There is no limit for group video calls in GB WhatsApp.

GBWhatsapp Settings

You will get to see all the treasure in GB WhatsApp setting itself. Here you will get to see many options. In this privacy and security option, you will get to see top notch features like Freeze Last Seen, Blue Tick After Reply, Anti Delete Status, Anti Delete Message, Anti Delete Images, Status Downloading Etc. 

GBWhatsapp Settings

You can check out this feature

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